Sunday, October 8, 2017

Pedada Red Solar Warning Signal Light

Pedada Red Solar Warning Signal Light 

Solar Warning Signal Light
The Solar Warning Signal Light is the latest photo-voltaic technology into a compact efficiently designed solar powered barrier warning light package. Only takes a few hours of indirect sunlight to fully restore the battery.  The battery has rechargeable capabilities that replace a conventional system. By employing renewable energy, which is free, constant and non-polluting, the Solar Warning Signal Light eliminates maintenance and disposal costs.
An intense light output is generated each night for many years.  Providing superior performance and dependability over conventional battery-powered systems. 
Simply install at the beginning of the job and return when it is completed. The Solar Traffic siginal Light takes the worry out of temporary or emergency barricade warning lights.  Made of durable Polycarbonate.  Mounting hardware included. 

  • Includes large attached solar panel for improved performance
  • Impact resistant plastic construction
  • High power L.E.D
  • Impact resistant lens
  • Recharges by direct sunlight
  • Lasts up to 7-12 hours with full charge (typical life will depend on sunlight and time of year)
  • No electricity bill to pay and no installation cost
  • Wireless, can be deployed anyway where direct sunlight is present

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